Your Family Medical History: How Their Health Can Affect Your Health

While it would be lovely to think that our health is solely in our control and we are only affected by our own decisions, this is not the case. Our family medical history has quite an effect on our health as a whole. If you’ve ever been to a doctor, you will know that one of the things that they ask is your immediate and extended family history.

If you’re not quite sure why, let these answer you:

It Raises Your Risk for Certain Illnesses


When your father or mother has a certain illness like hypertension, diabetes, or even cancer, it raises your risk for them as well. This is because of the genetic similarities between yourself and your parents. The same is true for siblings and even your extended family members.

If you’ve got high blood, diabetes, and other regularly occurring issues in various members of the family, you can consider yourself at high risk for the same things.

It Determines What Tests You Will Need


When your doctor has an idea of your family’s medical history, they will have a better idea of the sort of tests and screenings that you will need in your lifetime. If your parents have congenital diseases, you and your offspring will have to be tested for them as well.

Your family’s medical history can help serve as a roadmap for your doctor to determine how to best help you avoid certain illnesses.

It Will Affect the Sort of Lifestyle You’ll Need


When you’ve got a lot of illnesses on either side of the family, you must be conscious of the lifestyle that you lead. If your bloodline is prone to heart disease, it would be smart to be proactive and avoid foods and hobbies which may exacerbate your heart’s condition.

So you see, knowing your family’s medical history can help shape your own health—for better or worse. Are you aware of your family’s medical history? What illnesses have run rampant in your bloodline?

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