Spotting the Good Ones: 3 Signs You’ve Got a Good Doctor

When it comes to the topic of your health, your doctor should be your partner. The thing is, there are a lot of doctors out there that value money over actual service. This is why you should be discerning of your doctors.

How do you determine if you’ve got yourself a good doctor? Well, for us, they should have these qualities:


Who here has experienced explaining your symptoms to a bored looking doctor who is quick to judge or dismiss your words? We’ve experienced this several times and it just ended up with wasted money and frustration. A good doctor will take time to really listen to their patient. They will hold off questions until you are finished with your description.

A doctor who listens is one that you can trust.

Easy to Reach

There are some doctors that are harder to reach than most. The thing is even if they are not as busy there are those that are quite difficult to really get a hold of. This is why it is ever important to find a doctor that is easy to reach whether by phone or text or even email.

A good doctor is one that won’t make it hard for you to get a hold of them for your health concerns.

Respects Your Time

Time is crucial. Not everyone has the free time to go and sit at a doctor’s office for hours at a time. Many of us have experienced being made to wait for hours at a time for a doctor that should have been in ages ago.

A good doctor is one that values and respects the time of their patients.

There are a lot of other qualities that you should definitely look for in a doctor. These three are the ones that we listed off the top of our heads. What qualities do you think a good doctor has?


Annual Checkup Smarts: Questions You Should Ask Your GP

When you are interested in keeping yourself in the best possible health, it would be important to have an annual checkup with your general practitioner. When you do, you had best ask certain questions. If you’re not quite sure what questions you should ask, we’ve got you covered!

Here are a few questions you should ask your GP:

Can You Obtain a Copy of Your Health Records?

Your health records can help you remember important things like which medicines you might be allergic to. It can also have a list of tests that you have taken but not quite remember. When you go and visit your GP, it would be good to ask if you could get a copy of your health records.

They should be able to provide you with a soft copy of your extensive records. You can use this information to keep you safe if you’re traveling in the future.

When Should Regular Screenings Start?

While it would be ideal to think that we would never need certain health tests, it is always good to approach this with both eyes wide open. If you are past a certain age, there are certain tests and screenings that should be done regularly.

You should ask your GP when the regularly scheduled screenings for mammograms and pap smears (for women) and prostate exams (for men) should start.

When Should You Come Back?

General practitioners are usually only visited when we need a checkup or a doctor’s note. This is a habit that you should break. An annual checkup can help you keep track of your progress. If you’re not quite sure when you should be returning to your GP’s office, asking them will be the fastest way to get an answer.

They should realistically be able to give you a time table of how often they should see you and what for.

These are some questions that we make sure we ask our doctors during the annual checkup. What questions do you ask your doctor?