The Importance of Double Checking: What to Ask Before You Believe

Information has always been important for everyone—especially when one’s health is concerned. With information so easily obtained from the net, it is all the more important to double check it. There have been too many instances where a piece of wrong and harmful information has gone viral thanks to scaremongering and social media.

When you read a piece of health-related post or article on the net, there are a few things you should check out before you believe it. Those things are:

Who Wrote It


First things first, you need to find out who wrote the article or post. Often, they simply claim a “source” from the health industry but they done list names. Even if they do, people tend to just take it at face value and do not check if there is an actual person behind the name.

Checking who wrote the medical article can help you determine if the source is credible.

When Was It Written


Sometimes, one thing that we have believed to be true for years can be overturned with the latest study and research. This is particularly true when it comes to the field of medicine and healthcare. This is why it is important to determine the age of the article or post. If it is something that is quite old, how can you be sure that the information is still valid?

Checking the date of the article can help you determine its relevance to today’s world and technology or findings.

What Is the Source of the Article


The source of the article or post is quite important. Did you find it off an odd blog? Was it a credible health publication? Was it simply an anonymous post that’s been shared around social media? When you determine the source of the article, you’ll be able to see if the information is good or something that is peddled by a known fraud site.

With homegrown medicines being so big, it is ever more important to be vigilant of the information that we consume off the net. What things do you check out before you believe a health-related article off the internet?