The Big Ones: 3 Health Issues That Claim Most Lives Today

Through the ages, the biggest causes of mortality tend to change. It is reliant on the trends of the time and the availability of proper healthcare. In the age that we live in now, there are certain health issues that seem to claim most lives to date.

This is what we shall be focusing on for today. Those three health issues are:



With the technology that we’ve got today, processes are a lot faster and it limits the need for actual physical endeavors on our part. There has also been a massive increase of the intake of sugar and fats in our diet. All these have given birth to obesity. This is something that has affected people of various ages, ethnicities, and genders.

Obesity is the gateway to a wide array of other diseases like diabetes.

Cardiovascular Disease


With all the oil rich foods that we have been consuming and other vices which end up clogging up arteries, cardiovascular disease is now a leading cause for mortality in today’s world. There are people as young as 25 years old that suddenly drop dead from a heart attack simply because of wrong lifestyle choices.

Cardiovascular disease, once it is in your system, will require maintenance medication and even the intervention of surgery in order to keep you safe.

Sexually Transmitted Disease


With the moral laxity and bad decisions that have been going around, people have been less careful about their sexual activities. There has been a massive spike in the number of people that have been infected by STDs. While a majority of them may not fatal, there are some—like HIV—which have been proven to be.

While there have been massive attempts t empower and educate people and communities, the number continues to rise.

These three health issues are some of the most common causes for mortality in today’s age. What other issues would you say contribute toward mortality?

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