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Through the years, we needed to find reliable sources that we can utilize for further reading. Luckily, we’ve found several in the past few years. We figured that they may be of service to you if you’re ever on the lookout for health tips and new studies. Here they are:


webmd - Useful Resources

This site is actually pretty reliable when it comes to discussing and elaborating further on information regarding mental health. While it has a lot of other topics that cover health topics, the one we like the most would be the section about a wide variety of mental health issues and concerns.

Your Disease Risk

siteman cancer center - Useful Resources

This link is really helpful when you really want to find out more about the diseases that you might be at risk for. This can really help to determine if you might be at risk for certain types of cancers or chronic illnesses.

There is certainly merit to finding more information whenever you can. We hope that you can make use of these links the same way that we have. We’re always looking to add to this page so always check back to see if there’s more.